Schwalbe Tryker

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Schwalbe Tryker

Postby piratepete » 18 Nov 2018, 7:11pm

Just a heads up
I was looking for a new set of tyres for next year. Anyway I came across these. :)

Schwalbe Tryker tyres at SJS Cycles £22

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Re: Schwalbe Tryker

Postby Tigerbiten » 19 Nov 2018, 12:20am

Good fast tyres with lots of grip and reasonable puncture protection.
But I found that they tend to get cut up a lot if you cycle anywhere with glass/fit shards.
Not sure if I'll get them or Racers as I cannot get Supremes anymore for the front of my trike.
I'll get a 50-406 BA for the back, more rubber to wear off before getting down to the carcass.

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Re: Schwalbe Tryker

Postby squeaker » 20 Nov 2018, 3:51pm

Tigerbiten wrote:But I found that they tend to get cut up a lot if you cycle anywhere with glass/flint shards.
+1, also lost two with damaged sidewalls (don't go cycling in loose shingle :? ). Prefer Marathon Racers (at least the older ones with a folding bead) or BAs in 406. Schwalbe do like to fiddle with the compounds though, so difficult to be too pedantic.
BTW, if you are looking for speed then try some of these ;)

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Re: Schwalbe Tryker

Postby [XAP]Bob » 22 Nov 2018, 3:34pm

As I don't tend to cycle with flint... I really like them.

I recall that they gave me a full mph over the M Racers I had previously, and lasted longer, and stopped/cornered better...

But the sidewalls are somewhat fragile, by design.
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Re: Schwalbe Tryker

Postby Geoff.D » 27 Nov 2018, 7:44pm

I like trykers. Good handling characteristics.