New to me Azub Origami

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New to me Azub Origami

Postby UpWrong » 30 Dec 2018, 6:22pm

I won an Origami on eBay a few weeks ago. Kinetics was the seller and he seems to have achieved top dollar on his auctions the last couple of years. My surprise was that my bid at the end of the first day won it. Maybe it was the time of year or maybe the tape over the frame hiding a reputedly "minor scratch" put people off. I guessed that it might have been caused by the seat coming off the seat clamp so I took a chance that it wasn't too serious. Photos here:

At first glance it looks like paint chips that someone has tried to smooth with wet and dry paper. Further examination reveals a bit of a depression or gouge. So not too impressed but Azub frames are known to be bullet proof, 3mm aluminimum tubing possibly so losing 1mm is probably ok. And indeEd I found that the seat clamp was not properly adjusted, so the seat bracket was not supported properly on the seat clamp bolt. I also found the chain was twisted.

All I've done so far is reassemble it and check all the clamps. I've positioned the seat 25% from the front of the seat rail. It's still further from the front wheel than the seat on my Nazca Paseo SWB. It came with an incompatible 22/32/44 XT chainset. Incompatible because that provides ridiculously low gearing, and because the chain rubs on the stay when using the 11T sprocket. There's some protective tape there but I think it would wear through PDQ.

I really think the underseat bag and the integrated rack is genius. It will be a while before I ride it. I've decided to fit a 34/48 compact crankset after I've had the cranks shortened - my preference and it should reduce heel strike.

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Re: New to me Azub Origami

Postby NUKe » 30 Dec 2018, 9:48pm