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Re: Trident Trike

Postby ONETAL » 3 Nov 2019, 11:03am

Hi Stef, welcome to the wonderful world of trikes. I bought my first trike without even going look at one, with no regrets may I say, direct from ICE. I can't ride a bicycle any more after coming off the loser fighting with too many cars (the 4 bikes were killed so can't complain) . I've got two ICE trikes and a Performer from Taiwan which are very good value for money well worth a look at.

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Re: Trident Trike

Postby hercule » 3 Nov 2019, 11:46am

PAJEL wrote:Dear Sir,
I am 60+ Czech cyclist looking for new toy - Trike. Last two years I drive Haibike Allmountain ebike with Yamaha PV-S engine unit.
I am interested to buy trike, not neccesary quite new,
Please can you give me information which used trikes are available in your stock ? Do you own any eshop ?

Best regards from Czech republic, Pavel Jelinek

Hi Pavel, welcome to the forum.

You have got a highly respected recumbent manufacturer in the Czech Republic - Azub. I think it would be well worth checking them out, they may have a dealer near you who could help you out with test rides before you commit yourself.