Steve Parry (SP) modified Brompton Stolen

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Steve Parry (SP) modified Brompton Stolen

Postby SianT » 6 Jul 2019, 1:11pm

Hi everyone,

I had my SP brompton stolen from just outside Royal Festival Hall yesterday. I was in town to celebrate my mum graduating so am not local, I wanted to get the information about the bike out in the public domain in case it helps finding it.

It's pretty unique and means a lot to me emotionally, I've reported to the police, but there were no witnesses or CCTV coverage of the area so there's basically nothing they can do. I'm sorting through an insurance claim, but I'd rather have it back!

Photo attached for information

Black frame, SP sticker instead of Brompton logo
14 speed Rohloff hub, twist grip on right handlebar
V-breaks to both front and back
Inbuilt suspension to handlebar stem, created from saddle post
Non-standard brompton, flat handlbars with bull horn ends

Since pictured:
Rack has been removed, and replaced with new black rear mudguard only
Saddle was replaced with a standard brompton saddle after the expedition was over!
Saddle bag was different, but similar size
bottle cage was removed

Unfortunately I currently can't find where I've written down the frame and serial number, so I'm trying everything else I can think of.

If anyone sees it advertised somewhere or has any recommendations beyond keeping looking at ebay and gumtree I'd really appreciate it.
Thanks in advance,
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Re: Steve Parry (SP) modified Brompton Stolen

Postby horizon » 6 Jul 2019, 2:07pm

Sian: sorry to hear about that. But could you say a little about how it was stolen? It helps others to habitualise better ways of protecting their bike or become aware of lock deficiencies, traps etc. In fact, I find it hard to visualise how anyone steals a Brompton as they are with the owner the whole time.
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