Folding an ice trike

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Folding an ice trike

Postby crossy » 23 Jul 2019, 11:17am

Which chain ring and sprocket do you use when folding your trike? Does it matter

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Re: Folding an ice trike

Postby hoarder » 24 Jul 2019, 10:18am

I go for small sprocket / small ring, knowing there'll be plenty of slack in the chain.

To fit my 20" Advenure RS into the boot of the car, I also have to reduce the boom length, and twist the boom through 90 degrees - which would probably be more difficult if there were any tension in the chain.

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Re: Folding an ice trike

Postby Tigerbiten » 24 Jul 2019, 7:31pm

Only one sprocket on the Rohloff, so I leave the chain on it ...... :)
But any but the largest sprocket should work well.
Not the largest sprocket just in case the chain unships and jams against the spokes.

I'd make sure you have the pedals at the angle you want and the back brake is set on before you fold the trike.
If you move the chain to much once the trike is folded then you risk damaging the rubber section where the chain tubes fold.
I found that out the expensive way, new tube needed as I couldn't replace the rubber once it split ...... :(
So you cannot turn the pedals unless you unfold the trike, hence get the angle right before you fold.

Luck ....... :D

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Re: Folding an ice trike

Postby Cunobelin » 24 Jul 2019, 8:01pm

I looked at these and did not like the upper hinge, if the clip failed, the hinge would open.

The HP Velotechnik Gekko had a lower hinge, so in case of clip failure the hinge would close

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Re: Folding an ice trike

Postby PAB855 » 27 Jul 2019, 11:13am

For local trips I can put the Adventure RS trike in the car if I remove the pedals and cover the chainrings, then drop the back of the seat as far as I can. It can be pushed in to the car so that the cranks and front of the boom are between the front seats. Hence the reason for covering the chainrings. With the steering turned slightly to the right a bit more space is gained on the length. The tailgate closes against a wee bit of protective packing on the rear carrier. It means no folding of the trike or removal of the seat is required .

For longer trips it is folded.

The last car was a 2011 Ciroen C3 Picasso and currently the car is a 2016 Vauxhall Meriva.

It all took time and patience to get it perfected and we are working to within a few millimetres.

Good luck

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Re: Folding an ice trike

Postby jayjay » 31 Jul 2019, 7:55pm

I go for just "anything not the largest combination" to ease the chain a bit.
To change the rear sprocket at standstill, change the lever a gear or maybe two, press on the front derailleur post to lift the back wheel while I turn the pedal.

Tigerbiten was it dexterity or availability that stopped you changing the tube rubber? I got some silicon rubber car coolant hose off the web, thicker wall but not quite so tight a fit, It hasn't come off and is very flexible.
Built f' comfort.

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Re: Folding an ice trike

Postby Tigerbiten » 1 Aug 2019, 9:34am

A bit of both.

I was on tour, on my way down to LE, when it finally noticed it had split fully.
Didn't want to mess around with it without any real useful tools
But it was easy to call into ICE on the way passed to get it replaced.
So that's what I did.

Luck .......... :D

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Re: Folding an ice trike

Postby sharpedge » 4 Aug 2019, 4:38pm

When I bought my ICE Adventure HD last year I was running a BMW X1 - yes the trike would go in folded but it took a bit of juggling to get there. So changed to a Citroen Berlingo. Great vehicle for putting trikes in - flat floor with a low loading height and no sill to lift over. A friend who cycles has one and gets two upwrongs in with wheels on easily and three with the front wheel out. With the trike in mine we can still have the single rear seat upright for a passenger. I don't have to worry about which gear I fold as I have a Rohloff hub - best thing since sliced bread!

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Re: Folding an ice trike

Postby ambodach » 4 Aug 2019, 6:54pm

+ 1 for the Berlingo. I have a Peugeot Partner which is virtually identical. I get the Adventure HD in with the rear wheel between the front seats and still have room for luggage and my Brompton.

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Re: Folding an ice trike

Postby ambodach » 4 Aug 2019, 6:55pm

I should add that the HD goes in unfolded.

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Re: Folding an ice trike

Postby nigelnightmare » 10 Aug 2019, 3:35pm

Small/Granny ring and any other than first/largest on the rear.
As Tigerbiten said "don't move the pedals" after it's folded.
I use a "Velcro" strap to fix the crank arm to the boom.