Bike route gate size

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Re: Bike route gate size

Postby nigelnightmare » 5 Oct 2019, 1:52am

Tigerbiten wrote:
nigelnightmare wrote:Do you have any Pictures of "A" & "K" frame type barriers.

Look in "" for pictures.
They work reasonably fine for everything but bikes as they can be sized for wheelchairs, buggies, recuments, etc.
But they're just to narrow for bicycle handlebars to easily fit though.

Luck .......... :D

Thank you.
The main problem with any type of physical barrier/restriction is the type of "people" you want to keep out don't give a toss and will steal a car/van and ram them or the fencing next to it, then ride their M/bikes through the wreckage!
Especially on private land where the police won't do anything anyway.

Best to hire someone to make them go away. PERMANENTLY!

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