Recumbent trike tyres

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Re: Recumbent trike tyres

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nigelnightmare wrote:I have 'GO-BIKE' tyres on the front of mine 406-50 made by Vredesteine.
Got them cheap @£10 each.
Been on for over 2yrs now without a "visit"! and no noticeable wear (they have a slight wavy pattern tread but basically 'slicks')
Seem to be better than the M racers I had before as my Av speed has gone from 11.6 to 14.8 mph comfy too
Marathon 406-47 on the rear, was on the trike when I got the ICE Qnt 4yrs ago.

On the Vortex I have M racers.
On the XL, M racer rear and Kojaks on the front

Durano's get my vote too. Pity you can't get them anymore. :(

The tyres are Gocycle performance tyres by Vredestein. not GO-BIKE as I mistakenly stated above. :oops:
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