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Re: Trike choice

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drossall wrote:I was just reading a recent Tricycle Association Gazette. I'm sure it said that Cycling Time Trials have now (subject to racing restarting!) allowed organisers to make reasonable adjustments to the normal restrictions, which require upright machines, where riders need recumbents.
Not quite. What it said was that the CTT rule banning recumbents from time trials contains a caveat to allow some people with particular disabilities to compete. CTT Regulation 14 says "N.B. Para-cyclists who are unable to ride a machine that complies with this regulation shall apply to Board for dispensation." If Joe(anne) Bloggs turned up with a recumbent and no such dispensation they would be refused entry. The event reported on had an entry from a member of the Paralympic team who had been guided through the process with the CTT and so was able to ride the event. I was there and spoke to both the organiser and the competitor.
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Re: Trike choice

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My fault for not re-reading carefully before posting, thanks.
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