Everything you want to know about velomobiles

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Everything you want to know about velomobiles

Postby Marc » 4 Aug 2020, 12:51am

Christoph Moder, a member of the German Velomobile forum*, made a real effort to gather all available info about velomobiles in his essay and "anotherwiki" (another member) did the fine job of translating it to English. The German version is up-dated more often, as the work progresses, while the English version is a bit behind. Hence I post both links.

The original German version: https://cmoder.gitlab.io/velomobil-grun ... ssen.html#
The English translation: https://anotherkiwi.gitlab.io/velomobil ... ledge.html
The thread in the German Velomobile forum: https://www.velomobilforum.de/forum/ind ... sen.57837/

*I think globally, the German Velomobile forum is the best online source for up-to-date infos about velomobiles. Unfortunately, the infos are scattered across countless threads.

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Re: Everything you want to know about velomobiles

Postby speedy7777 » 9 Aug 2020, 9:35am

This is a great rescource thanks for posting about it Marc.