ICE quest adventure front axle/hub advice

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ICE quest adventure front axle/hub advice

Postby Gilespulman » 28 Sep 2020, 5:34pm

Hi all, I have recently purchased a frame only recumbent trike from ICE its badged as quest adventure, vintage unknown. I'm looking for help regarding the front axle/hub mounting, does anyone know what I need in order to fit 20 inch wheels? . The steering mechanism is all there right up to the drop heads but just a hole with a grub screw threaded in at one end where the axle would be. Any help gratefully appreciated.

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Re: ICE quest adventure front axle/hub advice

Postby [XAP]Bob » 28 Sep 2020, 7:06pm

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Re: ICE quest adventure front axle/hub advice

Postby Tigerbiten » 28 Sep 2020, 9:11pm

The front wheels use removable axle bolts.
The front hubs use 2 sealed cartridge bearings with a support tube between them.
The support tube stops the inner races from being crushed inwards once everything is tight.
The axle bolt is then pushed through the bearings from the outside, through the hole in the bottom of the kingpin and is then held in place with a nut on the inside.
So standard front hubs with a fixed axle won't work.

You can see pictures of the parts and buy them here -> ... naben.html

Not sure where you are with the steering ??

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Re: ICE quest adventure front axle/hub advice

Postby nigelnightmare » 30 Sep 2020, 7:43am

It will be a M12 bolt/axle and either Sturmey Archer drum brake or ICE/Hope disc braked hubs.
The axle length is shorter than the current ones as the allen head grub screw locks it in place and the axle hole is threaded.

The later/current ones are unthreaded and have a nut on the inner end of the axle to lock it.

For more detailed information contact ICE & they may even be able to tell you the age.