18% quicker on a LWB

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18% quicker on a LWB

Postby UpWrong » 28 Nov 2020, 5:27pm

I'm looking to ride my 3 bikes in rotation so I can make valid comparisons. They are a Nazca Paseo (20/26 SWB), AZUB Origami (20/20 SWB) and RANS Stratus XP (converted to a 20/26 LWB).

At the moment, over an 8.6 mile loop with 410 ft of climbing with an 80% effort (so not really pushing it): the Paseo was slowest @ 9.0mph, then the Origami at 9.1mph, then the XP at 10.8mph. So the XP is around 18% quicker. I felt at home on the XP and on the Origami but was uncomfortable on the Paseo. I have ordereed a different seat for the Paseo which should enable me to sit at a more upright angle so hopefully won't be sliding off the front anymore.

Just come back from a longer ride on the XP: 16 miles with 666 ft of climbing @ 11.0mph. It felt that I was getting the power to the pedals and the XP without a power idler and no chain tubes delivers that to the rear wheel.