Pashley PDQ general enquiries..

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Re: Pashley PDQ general enquiries..

Postby Trikeyohreilly » 6 Dec 2020, 12:18pm

Hi and thanks for the responses.

Might make a bid on the PDQ on eBay as those who have owned or riden a PDQ are basically saying what I hoped to hear. I just hope the seat issue passes me by some how.

I have a couple of Radical Banana pannier sets that I used to use on my trikes. I picked them up cheap on eBay over the years. I'm a little concerned about them fitting with panniers on the PDQ. But on the PDQ it looks like I have plenty of room behind the seat to add some custom bags, roll mat etc.

Hadn't thought about ortliebs touching the ground on hard leaning turns. Have used them extensively on a 20 inch rear but of course my trike didn't usually lean.

I have often wanted a Grasshopper, particularly the FX. I've had a number of Streetmachines in the past and belive in HPVelo and their engineering. I would like though to have a more simple bike i.e. without the suspension though I would prefer to run discs rather than rim brakes. They are also quite hard to come across second hand.

The ICE B1 looks to fit my bill also other than I can find no pictures of one carrying rear panniers or a rack. A shame as I'm a big ICE fan. It also has a front derailleur post like most grasshoppers.

I have read bad things about the three speed rear hub which is a worry. I have heard good things though about the Sturmey Archer one currently avaliable so I bear in mind the possible extra cost of a pair of wheels. Pair as I would want a dynamo hub front anyway.

Thanks again for your help.

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Re: Pashley PDQ general enquiries..

Postby yostumpy » 7 Dec 2020, 8:29am

Did you win the bidding?