How does one try out a recumbent?

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How does one try out a recumbent?

Postby Sares » 2 Jul 2008, 11:56am

I'm interested in trying a recumbent, but I don't know where I would find one as the LBS doesn't stock them, and I don't know anyone who has one. Are there any bike shops that do have them, or rental places where you could take one out for the day?


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Mick F
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Postby Mick F » 2 Jul 2008, 12:34pm

I understand these people will loan one to you to try:

Maybe they could advise you.
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Postby Wildduck » 2 Jul 2008, 1:17pm

Most recumbent shops will help (Dtek in Thetford, Bikefix in London, Futurecycles in Forest Row are ones that spring immendiately to mind).

Alternatively find a friendly 'bent rider (most of us are!) near you either on here or another 'bent forum (British Human Power Club) that wil be happy for you have a try.

Good luck!
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Postby stevew » 2 Jul 2008, 8:04pm

D Tek is the place to go if it's within reach. He's got loads of stock and you can try them out. But beware you will come away poorer !!
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Usual disclaimer, just a happy customer.

BTW Sares, whereabouts are you ?
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Postby Khornight » 3 Jul 2008, 12:00am

If you can go to a bike show they often seem to have tracks and a variety of bikes to try out... I went to one in london at the excel centre... not the easiest way to try one out compared to those listed above, but with the added bonus of lots of other interesting things to do.

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Postby Fonant » 3 Jul 2008, 1:47pm

Where are you? You're very welcome to try my Windcheetah if you're near Worthing/Brighton.
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Postby pjclinch » 4 Jul 2008, 10:11am

If you're up in more northern parts there's Norman Fay ( in South Shields, Kinetics ( in Glasgow and Laidback ( in Edinburgh. Never visited Fay's but have spent much time playing on Ben Cooper's numerous Toys at kinetics and bought my Streetmachine tourer (and Brompton folder and Burrows freighter...) there, and have met up with David of Laidback a couple of times and he's a Good Egg.

Another alternative is to go over to NL for a weekend and visit some 'bentmongers there, which is what my wife did when selecting hers (Ligfietswinkel in Amsterdam and Ligfietscentrum in Brielle, close to Rotterdam, there are others to choose from, "ligfiets" (laying-down bike) is your friendly term in Google).

It is important to try before you buy, as they're all very different kettles of fish. Most important is decide what you want it for, as "recumbent" is not a functional class of bike and tells you nothing about what an example can do. For example, my Streetmachine is first and foremost a touring bike, that just happens to be a recumbent. I got it because it does what I want in a tourer better than anything else I've seen, not just because it's a recumbent. If you don't go in with a clear idea of function you expect you'll probably be disappointed, and I suspect this is why a lot of people don't get on with them at an initial try out. Imagine buying a bike because it was an "upright", taking nothing else into account... "I'd heard that uprights were really fast after reading about this Le Tour thing, so I went to get one. The Brompton had a really good reputation as an upright bike so I got that, but it isn't fast at all! What a heap of junk!"



Postby Banksey » 3 Aug 2008, 8:32pm

If you're anywhere near Manchester, AVD Windcheetah is in Sale. Bob Dixon lent me a hypersport for a week with no deposit before I bought one. The Peak District is nearby if you want to see what it's like on hills!

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Postby thirdcrank » 3 Aug 2008, 9:09pm