No more two wheels help!?

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No more two wheels help!?

Postby sparky-uk » 15 Jul 2008, 11:29pm

I have a chronic health condition which prevents me riding on two wheels, it causes fatigue and other symptoms.

Would really like a recumbent which folds as my small Roadshark is very heavy and hard to transport, so now I hardly use it as I tend to camp to help rest and there for make travel easier. By the time I get it out of a a small shed and everything packed it is enough to tire me out.

What I would love is a folding recumbent similar to i.c.e as I am heavily built, At the moment I have to give up as the current ride is far too narrow, narrower than standard, with my other difficulties.

I am still funding a power wheelchair so I just have not got £thousands to rum together, could you inform me of what I can do, are there charities who can offer funding, shops who will accept repayments with out charging high interest? Seen London Recumbents Hase but could not afford it and would be worried about it's strength also it does not fold.

Know of D-tek but seldom well enough to travel but previously they had nothing at my budget.

Any advise please? :)

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Postby byegad » 16 Jul 2008, 1:57pm

The Trice trikes fold to some extent.

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Postby sebowyer » 16 Jul 2008, 5:40pm

I tried a few of Kevin (D-Tek)'s trikes and the Trices do fold really quite small. However, without folding most of them go into the back of an estate car. Mine's a Thorax Sinus from D-Tek (no longer built but some floating around second hand) - very solid although heavy, so might not suit you. I am not a willowy stick insect so I also need something quite well-built.
I would try calling Kevin and having a chat. If you don't need something soon he seems to get a lot of stuff through - some of it might be within your price range and I've never met anyone who knows more about recumbents!

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Postby ferrit worrier » 17 Jul 2008, 7:34pm

Try contacting your local PCT (Primary care trust) They may have a Health Promotion Dept. They may be able to advise or have resources to help. could be a long shot but worth a try.

Good luck