Pictures of your recumbent

DIscuss anything relating to non-standard cycles and their equipment.
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Re: Pictures of your recumbent

Postby NUKe » 19 Jul 2019, 3:09pm

Looks Good ONETAL

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Re: Pictures of your recumbent

Postby paul_n » 31 Jul 2019, 9:24pm

Hi all

I have built a couple Python trike’s , this is the Mk1.


Been riding it for about 1000 miles a year for 6 years now.

It has been to Holland 3 times towing a trailer with camping gear.

I was to build a Mk2 however so far I have only got the rear half finished , so coupled to the Mk1 front gives the Mk1.5 ?


This has been to Holland once so far and the rear is now big enough for the camping gear so no trailer whoo !

I also ride this 2 wheeler :-


A Oke-Ja with the markings removed for some reason ?

all the best Paul

swscotland bentrider
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Re: Pictures of your recumbent

Postby swscotland bentrider » 17 Sep 2019, 5:03pm

Surprised there weren't more Fuego's on here. Heres my latest, my third! And some (only some, mind!) of the other recumbents that I've owned.
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neil earley
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Re: Pictures of your recumbent

Postby neil earley » 18 Sep 2019, 12:42am

Nice colour on fuego ,so which bars do you prefer

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Re: Pictures of your recumbent

Postby Trikeyohreilly » 18 Sep 2019, 1:27pm

My old, but good ICE T/HD mongrel. Whatever I throw at her she just says "and! what next? Get going"
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Re: Pictures of your recumbent

Postby Campag » 18 Sep 2019, 2:39pm

My first recumbent was a second hand Kingcycle, about 3 years ago. Since then a couple of quite rare vintage recumbents, made by Aerobikes (a small scale builder in Edinburgh). And most recently a new bike, using a Velomotion framekit from Poland and built up with various components either already in the spares box, or bought new.

ImageWind Turbines by Dave Sharpe, on Flickr

ImageTailbox side view by Dave Sharpe, on Flickr

ImageNovember 2018 version by Dave Sharpe, on Flickr

ImageVelomotion at Wark bridge by Dave Sharpe, on Flickr