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Re: C2C by recumbent

Posted: 9 Jun 2010, 8:06am
by [XAP]Bob
bevblade wrote:Wow! Well, I'm certainly glad that I did revist this topic.

3tyretrackterry; thanks for the various sites. I did read about the Lejog trip by recumbent but can't recall where I saw it. good read though! i've looked on the BHPC forum site but not found much. This site seems better.

Squeaker; I agree about cost, it has certainly caused me to stop and wonder whether I could justify such expense. I know I could try second hand but I want something well built and that folds, sounds like an Ice Adventure to me:). I'd like to be able to put it in the car and on trains (any experiences anyone?)

I know the UCI ban is frequently raised and I guess being able to see recumbents in popular racing events would have considerable impact. But, I still say that if they are so much fun to ride are people bothered that you don't see Lance Armstrong on one?

I need to see one at close hand to judge the extra weight and bulk. Are these issues generally among recumbent riders?

You had me worried about the sliding on loose surfaces until I read Bygad's update. I've no wish to try a recumbent bike, the thought terrifies me!

Byegad; Excellent information. I would agree about bent and upright Trikes and tandems I think, although when cycling on the High Peak trail and the York solar trail, I've seen a couple of tandems and trikes but no recumbents, not a scientific study, just an observation.

Thanks for the warnings.
I've read about the muscle groupings before but it must be a considerable change to have to ride so far before it feels more 'normal'.
As I said above, I don't intend trying a bike, a tadpole trike would be my aim.
I also know about the spinning. My Pashley Moulton is not really designed to stand up and pump. I select lower gears and 'spin'. I know it can't be the same as riding a recumbent but it's as close as I can get at the moment.
Yes, the cost issue again! I'm not youngster and am approaching retirement or semi (I do contract work). Having neglected cycling for far too many years, I'd like to catch up a bit and just ride around. The British Cylcle Quest sounds interesting. Whatever, a recumbent trike, from what I read, seems the type of vehicle that could suit that purpose. I don't see recuments and DF's as mutually exclusive, I will defend my TSR to the last, but sometimes it's nice to have a change. I'd also be reluctant to lose my Brompton, but if I stop commuting by train, it might have to be used to part fund a recumbent?

Finally, I agree about motor vehicles leaving space. When I'm out with my partner, she on her Di Blasi trike, cars give us much more space than they do me on my own on my TSR or Brompton. Also, the Di Blasi isn't quick, but most drivers follow her patiently until she can move to the side to let faster traffic through.

Rootes; I have a Brompton 2 speed and think it's great fun to ride but personally I wouldn't want to ride the C2C on it. That doesn't mean I don't think it could be done. They are great bikes and perform well. You must be very fit and it's great to hear of someone completing the C2C on a Brompton, Well done!

Lastly, sorry, I've gone well off topic and I apologise. Many thanks for all your comments. i hope I can become one of the converted sooner rather than later. If anyone has any more experience to share on touring with recument trikes, it would be good if comments could be added here.


Where are you based - there may well be a member locally who could let you have a go...

Re: C2C by recumbent

Posted: 9 Jun 2010, 1:59pm
by bevblade
Handcycle: I agree your comments about Sustrans and the DDA. my partner can't use many trails on her trike and her main diability is balance, not immobility as such, but Sustrans talk the talk don't they!

Starfire: thanks for the link, I'll look at that.

(XAP)Bob: I live in East Yorkshire and am willing to travel if anyone can help. I've had one generous offer already. It would be nice to see more recumbents around. My partner and I visited the Camel trail (doesn't everyone) one glorious weekend last May/June. It was packed with people and there were many trailers, a few tandems but no recumbents.

Thanks to you all.

Re: C2C by recumbent

Posted: 10 Jun 2010, 11:01am
by dkmwt
bevblade wrote:Byegad; Excellent information. I would agree about bent and upright Trikes and tandems I think, although when cycling on the High Peak trail and the York solar trail, I've seen a couple of tandems and trikes but no recumbents, not a scientific study, just an observation.

Hi I'm one of the guys that did LEJOG. It wasn't until I got a recumbent that I even considered doing it due to comfort.

In 2008 I went to York CTC rally then stayed in York for the following week. I did the solar ride past Pluto I think on the Tuesday. The rest of the week I did the first bit down to Naburn Lock every day as that's where I was camped.

I've had my Trike since 2005, when I got it, it was a hardtail. In Sept 2006 I got the rear suspension upgrade, primarily for the fold as I wasn't sure how good the suspension was. Since then I've lost count how many times I've taken it on the train. Last time I went to London I went by National Express coach and I came home from Inverness by Nat Express after my LEJOG. As you will see by my signature I have a "S", being longer it does cause problems but the "Q" is shorter and would fit a Dahon El bosso bike bag quoite well. I'm not sure about the bag size needed for the new Trikes but the way they fold is awesome, I was down at ICE last week and saw how they fold, it's just a case of remove the seat, lower handle bars, undo the QR lever and twist. As upposed to remove seat, remove rack, lower handle bars, push in front boom, remove wheels and then undo velcro and fold with the "S".

I also took the "Sprint 3fs" for a quick spin which is also AWESOME :mrgreen:

Re: C2C by recumbent

Posted: 23 Jul 2013, 7:51am
by lebarronblue
Hi folks

I've done a fair bit of long distance touring, LEJOG 2010 on an upright and Home(Northamptonshire) too Barcelona(Spain) on my ICE Adventure Trike in 2011,Home too Normandy 2012

for photos go to Facebook Nicks Trike Trips and Tours

recumbent trike touring is so comfortable and relaxing

Re: C2C by recumbent

Posted: 23 Jul 2013, 8:56am
by Richard Fairhurst
I passed someone doing the C2C on a recumbent (as part of a group) earlier this year. He was having problems trying to get past one of the barriers in the urban sections to the east, but I think they found a way round...