the ride to york

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the ride to york

Postby markg0vbr » 1 Jul 2011, 10:12pm

as promised here are some of the logs from my trip.
as some of you know i set of for york on the monday before the event so have just up loaded the trip.
the first day was 70 miles, 6400 ft of climbing
had a day off then did a short hop to apple tree wick
had a day off then did the run in to york
the saterday ride from the rally
then the ride home
in the end i did not get a pack mule as my lad had a chance of some work, as normal the trike was a dream ride, though for the first time i had some sight problems, having to replace the front changer cable and the rear when i got home and a broken spoke. the durano 28-406 tyres are fantastic fast and smooth ride with 100psi.
a good rally, i hope to see some of you again in august

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Re: the ride to york

Postby [XAP]Bob » 2 Jul 2011, 7:06am

So to all those who think that a broken fingernail is an excuse not to ride 1 mile...

Glad you enjoyed.
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Re: the ride to york

Postby Geoff.D » 7 Jul 2011, 5:39pm

Good one, Mark. Nice route. Originally hailing from Bradford in the 50's and 60's, and later from Grassington (up the valley from Appletreewick), your route brought back many old and recent memories. Maps and routes are a bit like songs in that respect, for me

I did part of your route last year, from Skipton to Brimham Rocks (just east of Pateley Bridge). I managed most of it on my 'bent (bike), but did enact the old "graceful-stalling-fall-onto-the-verge", on the final uphill to Stump Cross Caverns. No harm done except to my pride and the consternation of the black faced Swaledales grazing nearby.

The descent into Pateley was duly scary. I've never actually attempted the return climb, but doubt that I could do it (definitely not on a bent bike). Perhaps that's the excuse I need to get a trike!

Thanks for the memories.

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Re: the ride to york

Postby markg0vbr » 7 Jul 2011, 10:33pm

try it on my mobile camp bed :D i added a wind rap faring this time, for touring with camping gear a trike is the only choice.
the descent from emlymoor tv mast takes some beating, the trike felt like it was floating at one point :shock: i hit the brakes at the last possible second at the bottom the smell of slightly cooking brake pads was pronounced. lets hear it for Sturmey Archer Drum Brake 8) i put new low friction cables on before the trip, for a fully loaded trike hitting some respectable speeds,i have not found any thing to match them.
the run down to oxenhope was fun :shock: though a bit of care might be needed in the wet.

appletreewick to york along the way of the roses is a nice day ride though some of the signs might be better upgraded a bit, there is about 10miles of climing in the 58 mile ride.