Transporting Kettwiesel trike

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Transporting Kettwiesel trike

Postby DGG1941 » 1 May 2014, 4:46pm

I am planning a JOGLE solo trip and am wrestling with how to get the trike to John O'Groats. I've never had the trike on a train (it stands up on it's rear) and feel that this is too a high risk of being refused access. Currently thinking of breaking the trike down to its smallest components, boxing it up and using a courier to the nearest hotel up there.
Any thoughts? Any experience of the size of packaging that a Kett will break down to? (The manual shows a couple of options, but I'm sure if the boom is removed it can be a lot smaller - might even fit into an Ironcase).

Thoughts/comments welcome!

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Re: Transporting Kettwiesel trike

Postby Stradageek » 1 May 2014, 5:50pm

I too have mulled this issue. I've checked out the intercity train 'bike bays' and also feel that someone is bound to object.

How about couriering it fully assembled? I have been amazed to find that my wife's Kett (short legs therefore short boom) fits in the back of our Nissan Primera (with the seats down) upright, on it's wheels, fully assembled, with loads of room to spare - so it can't be considered that big a load!

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Re: Transporting Kettwiesel trike

Postby hercule » 1 May 2014, 10:28pm

I too have a Kettwiesel… in fact I've had two. The first one came to me in the north of Scotland from London via a local removals firm who stuck it on an empty van travelling north. It was wrapped in a blanket and strapped to the side of the van. That was rather more reassuring than being transferred via various vans and depots, and probably cost about the same. The second came in an enormous box for the back half and the front half wrapped in several miles of bubble wrap - sent up by courier when I bought it from the dealer. When I eventually sold the first one (something I regretted almost immediately :( ) it left strapped down on the flatbed of a truck owned by a mate of the buyer.

Depending on the age of your machine they aren't easily shrinkable. The new models have QR wheels and swinging the seat forward will give you a large flattish package but it's still going to be large and unwieldy. I'd always be worried about damage or loss in transit.

I tend to ride straight from home but have fitted both Ketts in the back of an estate car pushing the booms in to shrink them a bit. If you wrap up the oily bits then it could fit with the front wheel between the two front seats. I'd be tempted to do a one-way car or can hire to Thurso and ride on from there.

Up until a few years ago there was a bike bus running from Inverness to Durness on a daily basis - a bus pulling a trailer with bike spaces. When I enquired they weren't fazed by the idea of a recumbent trike, but the original operator is as far as I know not doing this service any more (it was contracted by Highland Council, I think). Again one way hire would see you part of the way…

I'd imagine tandem riders face a similar sort of problem, and their solutions may be helpful.

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Re: Transporting Kettwiesel trike

Postby byegad » 2 May 2014, 6:07pm

Mine rolls into my Toyota Auris with little room to spare. Once in the front seat passenger has to endure the front wheel close to their right arm. However my wife says this is little trouble even on a long journey!
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Re: Transporting Kettwiesel trike

Postby Vjock » 3 May 2014, 9:42pm

Just Got two ketts sideways in back of alhembra to go to a charity cycle ride in the morning.
Maybe consider family friend or pay a man with a van bringing it down for u or courier or parcel force it to a near by pub cafe hotel you could say at overnight or drive it down yourself with a mate and they drive the car or rented vehicle back or if own car park up and let friend pick up at their leisure or u pick up after the cycle.... Endless options... Oh to be that fit to do an end to end