Tandem front rack (high rider)??

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Tandem front rack (high rider)??

Postby Roblilwall » 16 Dec 2014, 1:28pm


My wife and I are planning a 4 month tandem trip, and recently bought a 2nd hand Dawes Tandem.

I also bought a high-rider front rack to put on it (in addition to the back rack - we're not planning on travelling ultra-light, it will be cold weather, etc, so we want a high rider front rack which we can strap a bag over the top of)... however, the front rack does not seem to fit on the tandem, due to the curved front forks, and even the local bike mechanics say it's not possible to attach.

I don't want to use a low rider front rack - so does anyone have a recommendation of a high-rider front rack that will fit on a dawes tandem?

Thanks so much


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Re: Tandem front rack (high rider)??

Postby Trikeyohreilly » 17 Dec 2014, 9:02am

Have a look at Old Man Mountain racks. I had one ( Sherpa or Cold Springs I think) and moved it between many bikes no problems even with disc brakes and suspension or Vs and solid forks. Also Surly do a front rack that looks to be highly adjustable. Both are sturdy and have the top plates you are (and I was always) after, very handy. I'm sure its possible. A photo of your front forks would be helpful. Also your post may get more views in the technical or does anyone know section. Cheers Ed

mark aldridge
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Re: Tandem front rack (high rider)??

Postby mark aldridge » 17 Dec 2014, 4:59pm

I have been using the Surly front and rear racks for the last few years on my expedition bike. They are bombproof but a little on the weighty side. What I like about the front rack is the way the flat load platform is well above the panniers enabling easy access to them. Surly do a myriad of mounting plates so fitting varies between being easy to fiddly.

If money is no object and you are happy to order from the USA, Nitto do some racks that are the bees knees. For me they are a little over the top but they do delight the eye.

The only minus point for the OMM racks is the mounting brackets mean the loading is offset from the bolt holes. Saying that, they have a reputation for being indestructible and I am probably being over cautious.

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Re: Tandem front rack (high rider)??

Postby BruceJ » 17 Jan 2015, 2:02pm

This Thule rack might suit your needs http://www.thule.com/en/gb/products/lug ... -pp_100016, but speaking as a tandemist, much prefer to use low rider front rack or tow a trailer if carrying lots of gear.