SOLD - SOMA ES Frameset and bits

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SOLD - SOMA ES Frameset and bits

Postby PH » 27 May 2018, 11:06pm

ImageP1010831 by Paul, on Flickr
A bike has to go and the axe has fallen on this, the least used one. I bought the frameset new about 7 years ago and moved components from a previous bike. It rides as nice as any steel Audax bike I've ridden, though that hasn't been a big sample. There's plenty of online reviews, all positive. If you're looking for this sort of bike you won't be disappointed with the ride.
SOMA ES, the ES stands for Extra Smooth which it certainly is, but to get the bad news out the way it might just as well stand for Easily Scratched, the quality of the finish has been the one disappointment. There's no dents or dings but a lot of scratches and scrapes, they've all been touched up when they happened, if I were keeping this frame it'd get a powder coating before long. There's no rust and shining a torch where I can shows it to be remarkably clean inside.

Selling in parts, the frameset first and the buyer of that can have the option on the rest, I'll re-advertise anything they don't want.
Frame and forks only, geometry chart and some more photos in the link below, the steerer has been cut to 270mm. What you'd expect from a quality Audax frame, Tange tubing, Prestige frame and Infinity fork. Fittings for mudguards and rear rack. Nice head badge. Designed to maximise tyre clearance and it does that better than most. £145
For another £25 everything else in the photo above (Except the stand!) - FSA headset, SKS guards, Shimano downtube adjusters/stops, bottle holders, generic seatpost, 110mm stem, spacers. All serviceable, all threads good, seatpost came out without trouble, though it's scratched.

Campag Wheelset
ImageP1010841 by Paul, on Flickr

ImageP1010858 by Paul, on Flickr

Hubs Campag, no group marked? I think they were sold as Veloce. I had these serviced by Paul Hewitt less than 400 miles ago, both had the bearings replaced, the rear was rebuilt on an Exal LX17 so it's like new, the front is the original Open Pro it was thought to have plenty of life left when I had the hub serviced, but you'll have to make your own mind up, I'm making no claims for it. As you'd expect both run smooth and true. I've been running 9 speed, but I think they're also good for 8 or 10. No skewers, I've been using security ones that I'm keeping and can't find the originals... I'll throw in a 9 speed 14-28 cassette if you can use it. £90
I also have a brand new front wheel, built by Spa, NOS Campag hub on LX17 rim, I can use this on another bike but if you wanted a matching pair we could maybe work something out.

ImageP1010879 by Paul, on Flickr
Shimano R650 47-57 deep drop brakes, the ones everyone says are the best, they're the only ones I've used so I don't know, but they're certainly good. Fitted with almost new Koolstop Salmon pads, £18 worth just in the pads! £35
Prices plus post or collect from Derby
A few more photos and the geometry chart here. if I've missed anything or you have any questions just ask. ... 6736411994