Classic Lightweight - Birmingham Armstrong Moth - 22.5" - 531 - Nervex Lugs

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Classic Lightweight - Birmingham Armstrong Moth - 22.5" - 531 - Nervex Lugs

Postby TommyRides » 16 Aug 2019, 3:04pm

Classic Lightweight - Birmingham Armstrong Moth - 22.5" - 531 - Nervex Lugs - £85 + postage

Hi there

I have finally admitted I'm not going to build this up any time soon so here it is for sale. Any questions, or if you'd like to view (in London) then just let me know. I would prefer collection (from London or possibly near Bournemouth as I'm there fairly often) but I'm willing to post at cost if necessary.

The frame is a handbuilt Armstrong, one of the great, but little known, builders in British cycling history. From searching online, I believe this to be an Armstrong Moth from the 1950s. The Moths were built from double-butted 531 with Nervex lugs. More about these frames and about Armstong at the following links: ... strong.htm ... 59.146907/

My frame for sale is complete with the original headbadge but the paint is tired and worn - you could keep it as is and accept it has age-appropriate "patina" but ideally it needs new paint and a proper restoration back to its former glory. There are no dents or dings.

The top tube measures 22" c-c, while the seat tube is 22.5" c-c / 23" c-t. The headtube is around 165mm.

The rear spacing is 120mm and the dropouts are horizontal so it could be run fixed, or a rear mech hanger could be added for gears (I believe I have a suitable hanger in my spares box that'll I try to find).

The frame has mudguard mounts and derailleur cable guides. It comes complete with the original Brampton Alatet headset which is in ok condition but certainly needs a clean and polish. I'm not sure of the current bottom bracket spindle length - I can take this out if requested but I have no use for it so left it in for now.

I can take further pictures if requested - but not until next week as I'm away currently.


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