Sinewave Reactor charging device

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Sinewave Reactor charging device

Postby cryrnr » 9 Feb 2020, 8:52pm

FS Sinewave Reactor dynamo-USB charging device that fits in place of top cap on threadless steerer tube (fits both 1" and 11/8" steerers).

Purchased about one year ago from St John Street cycles.

I was part way through fitting when I found that my steerer tube is carbon. The Reactor is only recommended for steel or aluminium steerers! The cable from the dynamo needs to be able to pass through the fork bridge (closed on a carbon fork) and then past the star nut (not allowed with a carbon fork - a closed bung must be used to prevent compression of the stem clamp crushing the steerer tube). OK, there are some posts out there on the 'interweb' by people saying they have had no problem drilling the fork crown and either using a star nut or slotted compression nut but I didn't want to risk it.

By all accounts these US made dynamo power conditioners are the best there are. Current price from StJStC is £234.99.

PLUS POINTS: Mine is new and complete with setting block, clamp screw and connnector lead. I'm only asking £149 including postage!

MINUS POINTS: I have mislaid the instructions (but these can be downloaded from the Sinewave web site), the box is a little scruffy (its been in my bike spares box!), the cable is too short to reach to the bottom of the fork - my plan was to connect to cable coming up from the dynamo at the lamp, longer cable available from StJStC for £4.99 if needed.
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