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EBAY, GUMTREE, etc redirects & parallel sales

Posted: 16 Jun 2008, 10:09am
by Si
Using this forum to link to a sale/offer/whatever, elsewhere, is tolerated, but please don't try this if you are newly registered.
Moderators are suspicious of fresh or repeated attempts to use the forum as secondary advertising for a sale elsewhere.

If your post includes an Ebay, Gumtree or similar redirect then please start the subject line with "EBAY:". (or the appropriate name)

For example if you want to sell a widget that is listed on Ebay then the subject line should read:

"EBAY: widget"

This decision is based on a poll of forum users that suggested that most people were happy to have ebay redirects allowed on the forum but that they should be clearly marked as such in the subject line, thus those who weren't inclined to use ebay wouldn't have to go to the trouble of opening lots of posts just to find themselves faced with an ebay link or ref number.

Parallel sales
We strongly encourage you to declare is the item is being sold by some other means ( other than a small ad here ).
Accidental discovery of such can undermine confidence.