Mafac tandem dual-lever - just the dual one

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Mafac tandem dual-lever - just the dual one

Postby many408 » 4 Sep 2020, 9:04pm

I have one of these for sale.

It's been made from two tandem levers. The actual lever bit on the dual cable side had broken, so I removed the dual-nipple bit and installed it in the lever of the single-cable-side housing, and installed that combination in the dual housing. The levers are not the same as all the other normal Mafac levers I have, the curve is different and the cable-insertion access is larger, useful when you have to get two cables in there. As well, it was missing one of the chrome-plated ferrules, I have made another from a stainless bolt and it's a pretty good match.

20 GBP and I'll pay postage.
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