MSR & Primus Cooking System £40 SOLD

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MSR & Primus Cooking System £40 SOLD

Postby arran98 » 13 Sep 2020, 1:49pm

MSR and Primus 2.jpg

MSR original Pocket Rocket, MSR canister support and Primus Windshield together with Primus non-stick LiTech Trek Kettle set for sale. With one litre capacity this is ideal for solo touring/bikepacking/backpacking and will do two at a push.

Stove and support fit in pot with plenty of room for teabags etc. Windshield can be reversed on gas canister for storage.

All in excellent condition. Please PM me if you need more information.

£40 includes UK Mainland postage. Does not include gas!

Thanks, Iain.
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Re: MSR & Primus Cooking System £40

Postby elPedro666 » 13 Sep 2020, 2:30pm

Yes please, will drop you a message on my break for payment details, thanks!

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