SOLD FollowMe Tandem for towing child's bike, plus extras, £150

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SOLD FollowMe Tandem for towing child's bike, plus extras, £150

Postby RMF » 29 Nov 2020, 6:14pm

FollowMe tandem, £150 collected from Horsham, W Sussex, or posted for +£10

NB I also have a girl's 20" wheel Puky Skyride for sale separately (already set up for the FollowMe)

This is a brilliant device. It's been great to tow a youngster and be able unhitch their bike once we got to a safe place. With an older child it's still really useful to have an option towing them when they are tired, when you are in a rush or where the road is too busy for them to ride solo.

The towing is really secure and it has excellent handling -much better than a tag-along. Unlike an ordinary tandem, your child can choose whether to pedal or to coast and let you do the work.

Once you have set it up (needs tools and a bit of time), no tools are needed to hitch and unhitch the child's bike. It's a little fiddly, but the work of seconds (it helps if you can persuade your child to hold your bike steady while you do it!). When not in use, the tandem 'folds' upwards and you hook it up behind your bike.

This has been well-used so has dirt, scuffs and surface rust, but everything works fine. I used a bungee cord, rather than the supplied strap for hooking it up when not in use.

It comes with full instructions, a complete set of fixings, plus several extras so you can use this for either a QR or solid hubs on both the child's and adult's bikes:

Adult's bike: QR skewer (£25 new price) and M10 solid axle (£15 new price)
Child's bike: Adapter for QR hub (£20 new price)s, plus wheelnut adapters (£15 new price)for M9, M10, 5/16" and 3/8" axles. The QR adapter should work for Islabikes. The M9 worked for a Puky ZX18 and the M10 worked for a Puky Skyride 20".
As well as the child's bike clamp, there are extra perforated strips (£6 new price) ready to cut to size for your child' bike.

NB Current new price is £235 which does not include the extra adapters.

Manufacturer's description:
Adjustable for all the kids bike wheel sizes from 12" - 20" (Age 3-9).

Suitable for all 26" and 700C/28" city, mountain (incl. full suspension bikes and 29ers with up to 2.2" tyres), racing and touring cycles etc. with quick-release skewer wheel attachment. Adaptors are available for wheels with a solid spindle or hub gears.

Material: Steel, powder coated / chromium plated.

Weight: 4kg

Max Towing weight: 45 kg (incl. the childs cycle).

A child seat, carrier and side pannier bags are possible without limit.

Adaptors for equipping additional adults or childs cycles are available.
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Re: FollowMe Tandem for towing child's bike, plus extras, £150

Postby Jdsk » 29 Nov 2020, 6:38pm

We use a FollowMe. It's an excellent device and well made.

No connection to the OP.


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Re: FollowMe Tandem for towing child's bike, plus extras, £150

Postby Tangled Metal » 30 Nov 2020, 7:16am

We toured Netherlands with one. Great kit but not easy getting junior onto it on the safe cycle ways of route 1 up the dunes
when he got tired.

They're over £200 new and so solid. Unlike secondhand car seats the followme tandem is so solid and safe to buy secondhand even third hand. It is solid and well made. It doesn't leave the kids bike leaning to one side like those bars that lift the kids front wheel up but attaches to the seatpost. Trailgator, etc are not even close to being as stable and useful as this product.

I have no link to the seller but got so much quality time using ours.

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Re: FollowMe Tandem for towing child's bike, plus extras, £150

Postby sailorp » 29 Dec 2020, 7:51pm

PM sent. I'm interested. Rgds sailorp