Ortlieb Back Roller City, Red, Pair, 2x20l, £40 SOLD

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Ortlieb Back Roller City, Red, Pair, 2x20l, £40 SOLD

Postby directdrive » 29 Dec 2020, 5:34pm


In very good nick, only cosmetic marks (a bit of sticker residue on one too, which I'll clean off with some rubbing alcohol). All the straps and mounting hardware are present and correct.

The LH pannier in the pictures has been repaired by Lyon Equipment, the registered Ortlieb repair service in the UK. You can see the scuff on the outside, and also the point on the inside where it's been fixed with a patch. I think they may have touched up one or two other small nicks as well. As far as I'm aware then, they should be completely waterproof - I don't think I've even used them since they were repaired. They were only really used on one 2-week trip.

£40 + p&p.