SOLD - Tyres and guards

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SOLD - Tyres and guards

Postby PH » 8 Jan 2021, 11:37am

All sold, thanks for looking.
Postage is £4 per delivery, one tyre or the lot.

I no longer have a use for tyres narrower than 35mm so sorting through the spares and these are surplus. I doubt any of them have less than 75% wear left, but let’s call it 50% and if you disagree you can send them back and I’ll refund. I’ve had a quick look and there are some tiny nicks in some, but nothing that should be of any concern, again if you disagree, send them back.
I haven’t bothered with photos; you know what tyres look like :wink:

All 700c
1X 32mm Voyager Hyper folding, still has some moulding hairs on. £8
2X 32mm Schwalbe Supreme wired – No I didn’t think they came wired either! £6 each

SOLD - 3X 28mm Continental GP4S. £8 each
SOLD - SKS 42mm shiny black guards, SKS say 25 – 35mm tyres, they’re suitable for any of the above. Unused, fitted and removed, never been outside. Stays uncut, all the fittings EXCEPT the rear bridge which I’ve misplaced, I don’t have the dropout bolts either, but I can find some replacements if you need them. If you were really fussy you might say they had some very light storage marks, again, not happy send them back. £12

GONE - One new Halfords innertube for the first buyer!
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Re: Tyres and guards

Postby nigel8322 » 8 Jan 2021, 11:58am

Hi, happy to buy the three conti GP4S, 28mm please. How do you want me to pay?

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Re: Tyres and guards

Postby lostgeordie » 8 Jan 2021, 2:10pm

PM on its way for SKS guards