Looking for budget touring bike ~50cm

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Looking for budget touring bike ~50cm

Post by ToastMachine »

Student on a budget looking for a decent touring bike. I'm around 170 cm. Have a budget of around £300-500. I live in London

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Re: Looking for budget touring bike ~50cm

Post by Halla »

Hello Toast Machine.

Welcome to the forum.

Touring bike covers a very wide area.

What do you have in mind, eg: Age, frame material, number of gears, drop handle bars or straight handle bars.

How have you arrived at your size requirement? You might find an older 20 inch (50cm) frame too small for you.

There are thousands of unused good bikes about, someone might be able to meet your expectations if you can be more specific.

How far are you prepared to travel to buy one?

Best of luck looking.
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Re: Looking for budget touring bike ~50cm

Post by Bonefishblues »

The good news is that touring bikes are about the least 'sexy' bikes on a currently-inflated s/h market :)
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