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Rare Recumbent Bike Stolen from East London

Posted: 7 Apr 2016, 8:19pm
by Dr.Nitro
Hi guys. Here's an eyes-up in case someone offers you a rare recumbent racer at a silly price. I'm talking about an HP Velotechnik Speedmachine in red. It has high mounted handlebars, hub gears at the rear and a hub dynamo at the front. It may well be offered without the seat cushions as it was stolen in London without its cushions (while securely padlocked). It would be virtually unrideable without them.
There's only around 300 of these rather expensive machines in the UK. If you have any information, please either inform your local police quoting the bike details or email the owner directly on:
Due to pre-existing injuries, Marcus's mobility is seriously handicapped by this theft, so please keep those eyes peeled.
Thank you!
This archive image is of a very similar model. Note the handlebars, as some examples have handlebars that mount below the main tube.

Re: Rare Recumbent Bike Stolen from East London

Posted: 13 Dec 2016, 8:19pm
by unnamed
Was this ever found?