Stolen Rotrex bike

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Stolen Rotrex bike

Post by Flinders »

Anyone seen this bike? It is a Rotrax, apparently. I do hope he gets it back. ... e-42485155
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Re: Stolen Rotrex bike

Post by pwa »

I hope so too.
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Re: Stolen Rotrex bike

Post by Vorpal »

At least it's unusual enough to be noticeable when anyone knowledgeable comes across it. :(
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Re: Stolen Rotrex bike

Post by Rmr25 »

I'm in Nottingham so will keep a look out, you never know.
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Re: Stolen Rotrex bike

Post by thirdcrank »

From the link

... Rotrax Cycles was founded in Southampton and became well-known for its lightweight frames. ...

I should say so.

The only bike I ever had stolen (1964) was my Rotrax. It was recovered in a terrible state when a cyclist friend saw somebody riding it and bundled them into a phone box and rang 999.

I hope the owner of this bike gets a much better result than I did.
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Re: Stolen Rotrex bike

Post by lescargo »

Dreadful loss after so many thousand miles and memories.

Bike theft??

As in stealing a cowboy's horse-a lynching job.
At very least a birching.!!

Previously worked with guy who had this.
Never did anything wrong in his life after that!
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