Bike stolen in Cheltenham

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Bike stolen in Cheltenham

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Hello all.
This report is submitted on behalf of a workmate, who has had his bike stolen:

Dawes Metropolis stolen in November 2019 from the Cheltenham Telephone Exchange and recently seen ridden in the local area.
Charcoal grey in colour with black mudguards.
The rear rack has been removed and the securing clip on the bottom tube that secures the frame when unfolded is broken, although it still works.
If seen, please report to Cheltenham Police Station. Also, please let me know if spotted and I'll pass the message on.
Here is a standard image of what the bike looks like (except the colour is different).
Apparently, there were not many of them sold, so it should be quite rare.
Thanks all.

Dawes Metropolis image.jpg
Dawes Metropolis image.jpg (35.98 KiB) Viewed 803 times
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