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Recently bought bike

Posted: 4 Jun 2020, 2:16pm
by RhysB91
Hi everyone,
Could really use your help here.

I bought a triumph Raleigh bike on gumtree for £200.

I went to get it serviced but the shop said that because it had been painted they were unable to do any effective servicing to it. They said it was to do with not being able to locate original parts if there needs to be replacing. As well as it being painted, makes it look dodgy as hell. I spoke to the seller and he said that it’s not stolen, he got it second hand from a friend, he hasn’t painted it and it was the same colour now as when he got it originally. I found the serial number and searched it, it’s not been reported stolen or registered.
Am I being paranoid and this bike is ok?


Re: Recently bought bike

Posted: 4 Jun 2020, 3:09pm
by Paulatic
Doesn’t sound too good does it?
The bike shop should easily recognise what service replacement parts are needed they don’t need the make and model for an old Raleigh. I wonder if the shop took one look at it and decided the bill would be bigger than the worth of the bike?
You’ve paid a fair lump of money( IMO but I realise London prices might be different) for an old hand painted bike and it needs work? I imagine a lot of stolen bikes, especially of low value, are never reported or maybe the bike had been painted to look rough and undesirable to a thief. Only you can decide if you felt the seller trustworthy.
I really hope the bike doesn’t need a lot of work and you can ride it for the purpose you bought it for.

Re: Recently bought bike

Posted: 4 Jun 2020, 4:41pm
by mjr
Some old Raleighs have non-standard parts (with all the other manufacturers they bought, Raleigh were big enough to make their own at some points in history, either for simplicity or to keep customers coming back for spares) and some shops only want to deal with the current fashions.

I wonder if Brixton Cycles might give an honest opinion. I expect there's someone good nearer Hackney but I know even less of them.