Stolen: Wisper 705SE

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Stolen: Wisper 705SE

Post by sswiss »

A friend had this Stolen from Cambridge this week,


in black.
I suspect for the e-bike re-sale market as they seem in short supply.
If anybody spots something....
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Re: Stolen: Wisper 705SE

Post by NUKe »

Any distinguish features ? personalisation from the standard to look out for ?
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Re: Stolen: Wisper 705SE

Post by mumbojumbo »

A disadvantage of buying expensive bikes,electric or otherwise.Thieves follow people,note their address and return,often with a buyer already identified.
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Re: Stolen: Wisper 705SE

Post by backnotes »

As noted, quite likely to have been taken elsewhere, but no harm in also posting on the "Stolen bikes in Cambridge" Facebook group I'm not on FB so I can't check to see if it is posted there already.

Unless bike was stolen with the charger, I expect someone will be needing a replacement charger from Wisper after about 30 miles. I hope they ask for proof of ownership when they sell these!
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