Found, West London: Blue ‘Race Lite’ road bike

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Found, West London: Blue ‘Race Lite’ road bike

Postby m0nk3y » 24 May 2009, 7:41pm

I’ve found most of an abandoned and presumably stolen ‘Race Lite’ road bike. It’s what I would have called a ‘racer’ – light (weight) two-tone blue racing frame with ‘Race Lite’ decals, skinny wheel, drop handlebars, two front gear wheels and what would have been nine on the back (the back wheel wasn’t with the bike unfortunately).

I don’t really know what I’m looking at with road bikes but bits of it makes it look like a cyclist’s bike to me so thought I’d try to re-unite it. I could do a better description than that but I’d like to save a few details for owner identification purposes:

I don’t know my way round cycling forums either but have found and will be posting to the below – let me know if there’s somewhere else I should try or cross-post. ... howforum=7


The plan is to try this until next week – good luck whoever’s this is.