Leeds - Cannondale Tandem Stolen + 2 other bikes

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Leeds - Cannondale Tandem Stolen + 2 other bikes

Postby planty » 28 Jul 2009, 11:31am


Not a great way to introduce myself but we had three bikes stolen from our garage in Leeds on Sunday night. I'd appreciate it if anyone who sees or hears anything lets me know. I reckon the solos are long gone (easier to sell) but the tandem should be difficult to shift as it is not too common and has quite a few modifications that make it unique. Obviously we are gutted but it is the tandem that we really miss. Details below:

Cannondale Mountain Tandem 2005 - metallic grey, lots of modifications.
Klein Attitude MTB 2001 - metallic blue, marzocchi forks.
Bianchi Camaleonte III 2008 - matt black, rear rack.

Many thanks and if you don't already lock your bikes if they are in a garage shed - I wish I had.


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Re: Leeds - Cannondale Tandem Stolen + 2 other bikes

Postby braz » 10 Aug 2009, 10:01pm

A bit late I know, but I've just caught your post. Any pictures? - they always seem to help. It might also be worth another post a bit higher up on the site with a link to this one "see stolen" - just to cover all the bases. And do keep a lookout on Ebay, as 'stolens' do appear after a little while, when the blighters think things may have quietened down a bit. Might be worth taking pics to your local bike shops as well.

Small solace for you, but many with sympathise with your predicament - I've had a great old friend of a tourer nicked in the past having carried me for over 50,000 miles over many years - a big beast like most of my frames, so not many could ride it - probably broken up for spares. V. annoying, to say the least about it.

Lets live in hope that you can recover at least one of them!

kind regards, Braz.