Recovered - 6 years after theft

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Recovered - 6 years after theft

Postby Woodbridge Pete » 26 Sep 2009, 3:14pm


Don't give up on a bike going missing. My wifes Condor was stolen just over 6yrs ago, which the police said was a professional job going by the way the lock had been cut through, plus a few other high value bikes went missing a few days later from the same area of Ipswich centre (Giles statue). It was a very distinctive metallic purple, so all shops had been made aware of it if offered for sale.

Anyway, got an email from Ipswich Bike Doctor to say did we ever had a purple Condor stolen, size small - we were able to give him the frame number and even the crime number. He was being offered to buy it from someone. It was one and the same and the frame in remarkably good condition. Anyway he duly dropped it off at the police station and we reclaimed it through official channels.

The only downside is that the only original bits on the frame are the stem, brakes, chainset and rear mech.
We reckon the frame was stored and bits sold on
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