URGENT Gary Fisher stolen from Morrison’s Hounslow

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URGENT Gary Fisher stolen from Morrison’s Hounslow

Postby Philip Benstead » 2 Nov 2010, 12:45am

Dear Ladies and Gents,
Gary Fisher Cycle stolen from Morrison’s Hounslow West REF: 8904 18.45 01/11/2010

I regret that after a year and almost a half, a few thousand miles and a few scratches, a bit of mud and some scrapes, I have got complacent, I only locked my bike with one lock and I have allowed a ‘tea leaf’ to like my beautiful, big, red, Gary Fisher cycle more than I like it myself. It has yellow reflective 2tings stickers on the frame and the black metal basket, is registered on the police computer and has a Webber/Roland towing hitch.

In the basket were a pair of steel toe capped working boots and almost as important as the bike, some business papers, my diary, note book and camera. The bike was stolen from the railings and below the security camera at Morrison’s Hounslow West. It was there for all of four minutes! The bike was truly wonderful and if I don’t get it back I hope the ‘tea leaf‘ enjoys it as much as I did, but if you see or hear of it, I have never seen another and as you will see from the attached photos, it is very distinctive, please let me know?

Thanks for that and I promise to use two locks next time.

Brian Smith

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Re: URGENT Gary Fisher stolen from Morrison’s Hounslow

Postby martinQS » 29 Apr 2012, 9:36am

I don`t think that how many locks you put on if they like it its gone ,more ironic than that if you half inched a box of cheap tea bags from morrisons they would throw the book at you but when your property is stolen you seem to have to grin and bare it