Stolen Bike Manchester - Black Tricross 2010

Rob M
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Stolen Bike Manchester - Black Tricross 2010

Postby Rob M » 5 Jun 2011, 9:13am

Boooo! My bike is stolen :( Was up in Manchester for the day and off its gone.
Was locked up in the Didsbury (Outside the library about 2:45 Saturday) area for about 10 mins while I nipped into a shop.
I just completed Lands End to John o Groats on it so it has a special place for me. LeJog Blog

Specialized Tricross - Black - 54cm
Frame has black reflective tape all over it, including over the word Tricross
Black Brooks saddle - Has a scuff on the top near the nose (from changing tyres and forgetting to cover it)
Black mudguards and silver pannier rack (Which has 4 black spokes taped to the underneath)
Has a pair of slightly rattly flat pedals on and the middle gears (rear cassette) are skipping.
Wheels are shod with Schwalbe Marathon's (25mm (might be 28) pro at the back, 23mm (might be 25) standard on the front)
Also has a cheap wired Trek speedo attached, or did!
Has a CTC sticker on it near the crank too!


If any spots it or bits of it on ebay / gumtree whatever I'd love to get it back and would be happy to give some cash incentives!


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Re: Stolen Bike Manchester - Black Tricross 2010

Postby catamarango » 26 Aug 2011, 3:29pm

Hi rob.

This is unrelated - I haven't seen your bike, but I have a query. I have a tricross sport 2010 that I'm planning on using for touring. I'm looking for an appropriate pannier rack as the bike has unusually wide mounting points at the rear.

Could you tell me what year your tricross is, and if '10 what kind of rack is on it? How did it stand up to touring? did you have a tent etc with you?

Thanks in advance