Shocked by what I just learned...

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Shocked by what I just learned...

Postby StolenBikes » 1 Aug 2012, 1:10pm

As many of you know I run a Stolen Bike register, and because of that I've been very interested in what the police can and can't do... I finally got a personal response from an officer from Sussex Police today..

1. Police CAN'T search frame numbers UK wide using their own systems
2. Police sell of a majority of bikes recovered (in Sussex this is done here:

Personally I find point 1 particularly shocking I gave my frame number to the officer who responded to my burglary and expected that it would be search able nationwide... apparently not, so if another force (other than Leicestershire) comes into contact with my bike there is a large likely hood that it will be sold on (BY THE POLICE) after they have exhausted a floored line of enquiry.
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Re: Shocked by what I just learned...

Postby byegad » 1 Aug 2012, 5:55pm

That is the trouble. Along with the Police regard them as toys not worth the effort to reunite with the owner. Two of my three bikes cost more new than many a second hand car.
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