Useful site ?

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Useful site ?

Postby becontreewheelerslad » 20 Aug 2012, 11:09pm

I just found
looks useful. Has anyone here got any experience of it ?
Specifically, is it a spam generator if I use it ?

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Re: Useful site ?

Postby StolenBikes » 5 Dec 2012, 4:54pm

It's okay and it's used by most police forces in the UK, my one beef is it doesn't make any of the information it has on a stolen bike public..

So if Joe Bloggs is buying a bike on eBay he can't check it against their database (actually I just found a service he has to pay to check it!).
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Re: Useful site ?

Postby johnsouthwales » 6 Dec 2012, 10:40pm

i been told that immobilise do not charge the public money. the other day immobilsed told me that all forces use immobilise, when reality says 'most' forces use it. and that is not good enough. if one bike stolen from an area that promotes immobilise and the bike ends up in an area that don't use immobilise, what then?

then again, these firms have commercial interests at heart. a sytem is needed where both the public and police have access. one database. More than one can only lead to confusion