Elmy Cycles Tandem

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Elmy Cycles Tandem

Postby psychling24 » 2 Jan 2013, 9:31am

From Steve Grimwood at Elmy cycles:

A sad start to the Elmy Year -
Our good friend and loyal servant has been stolen !!

Yes, the trusty Elmy Tandem, that which has served us so well has been pilfered over the festive break by some nasty little toe rag.
During that time wh...en most of us were enjoying roasted chestnuts by the fire and enjoying a time of peace and goodwill to all, some sneaky little ***** snuck round our back passage and made off with her. Where she is now we don't know, but however long it takes we will find her.
For now we are left with the fond memories of Batman & Robin riding off into the distance, Sky Rides & Bicycle Balls, Ice creams in the sun and trips to the marina with perhaps slightly worried suppliers riding on her rear.
We will liase with the police and keep you informed, but in the meantime please keep your eyes peeled for her, she's one of a kind, you won't see another - a shiny metalic red Schwinn cruiser tandem, you can see her in our photos during happier days when we were still together.
Please help us find her so we can look forward to parking her front wheel firmly in a suitable slot of her current keepers anatomy.
Thank you tandem hunters everywhere.
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