Boardman Hybrid & Kona Blast stolen

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Boardman Hybrid & Kona Blast stolen

Postby RMR » 29 Mar 2013, 9:39am

Two bikes were stolen from my garden shed (Kent, Sussex border) on Sunday (24th March) night, and any chance of catching up with them (the bikes, the police can deal with the thieves) would be great. I lost:

Boardman Hybrid Comp (2007) - black, flat bar, red/silver Genetic track pedals with half toe clips. Size: small (45cm)
Kona Blast MTB (2008) - metallic green, Charge Spoon black saddle, disc brakes, f&r mudguards. Size: medium (17/17.5inch)

Neither are especially high value, but I'd rather have them back.

If you see or find these bikes I'd love to hear from you. Both have unusual modifications that might make them a bit more visible.