Stolen Thorn Raven

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Stolen Thorn Raven

Postby onrbikes » 19 Jul 2013, 11:59am

Stolen Thorn Raven Tour

Have just discovered this forum so apologies on my behalf

Just in case it ever turns up here am putting the details of a stolen bike.
A black size 487L (small one) with a badly damaged fork and a dent in the down tube.
The bike was fully decked out with tubus racks

Also stolen was a green Exped Gemini II tent in a well used red Ortlieb bag

Stolen in Nepal late June/2013 and may turn up in India and then the UK.
Have reported it to Rohloff and SJS and the Nepalese "police". We searched for the bike and put posters up offering a reward to no avail. Two articles went into the Kathmandu newspapers with no results. We also contacted numerous Nepal and Indian warmshower hosts. We'll see.
After the theft had to go back to Oz due to the fiasco.

Rohloff say they have a %50 chance of getting it back to the rightful owner. It never even got its first oil change.

Being stolen within 20km of India (Nepalganj in Nepal, north of Lucknow) may end up in Delhi and then on to the UK for some parts.

Rohloff hub number 158 624, colour black

We don't use facebook, but it would be appreciated if someone took it there.

Photo and details are on cgoab
Fred and Wendy

If it ever gets seen please contact