Stolen Zigo Leader and Trek Mountain Bike

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Stolen Zigo Leader and Trek Mountain Bike

Postby crossbikemum » 8 Nov 2013, 9:59am

Hi there, I'm a newbie and grumpy on, as our trusty family bike was stolen last night or early this morning:

Zigo Leader stolen from South Cambridge between 11pm on 7th November and 8am on 8th November.

Bright green pod, well-worn raincover torn by wheel contact, no flag, 2 new Schw Marathon (Gr) 20 x 1.75" tyres. Fraying on fabric above front right wheel, Wear and tear to foam on front bumper, one white Met bike helmet, puncture repair kit. Looks like this one

Also stolen Trek mountain bike with Bontrager tyres.

They were chained in our front garden, the Zigo is big, very conspicuous and doesn't travel fast so I'm guessing both bikes are on a van who knows where in Britain by now. Very grateful if people could keep a weather eye for secondhand Zigos coming on the market in the next couple of months.

Can't find serial/frame numbers but will list them if I find them.

Thanks so much