Stolen: Mercian Bike - NOW RECOVERED!!

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Stolen: Mercian Bike - NOW RECOVERED!!

Postby lb1dej » 16 Jun 2014, 6:47pm

My Mercian has been stolen from my garage on Clarington Mews in Cheltenham.

It's a 24 inch frame with Nervex lugs; colour metallic read with silver head tube and silver rings on seat tube.; fitted with Campag ergopower shifters, chainset and gears; Mavic Open Pro wheels. It's a pretty distinctive bike (if you like that sort of thing).

I've reported it to the police - incident 324 16 June 2016.

The police tell me that bicycle theft is at a high level throughout the area.

I'd be grateful for any information on its whereabouts.

Thanks for reading this



Following the theft I'd been monitoring Ebay, Gumtree, the CTC forum, and googling "mercian for sale". On Thursday I found it on Ebay. My bike had a name sticker retrofitted by me and easy to remove. The Ebay seller adverised it as Mercian ... Dave Jones...! (I'd have recognised it anyway though someone had fitted new bar tape, changed the pedals and removed the mudguards.)

I notified the Gloucestershire police who in turn requested Hertfordshire police to investigate. I got my wife to enquire about another bike he was selling and so obtained his address in Hertfordshire. The police recovered the bike and told me that he had bought it in a car boot sale in London and had a receipt from the seller. They decided that he would not be charged with receiving stolen goods. He had another 4 bikes advertised at much lower starting prices than my Mercian which he started at £500. These have now disappeared from his Ebay auction list - I thought the starting prices looked unrealistic but as I didn't watch them I don't know what happened to them.

I now need to travel to Stevenage to recover it. A better outcome for me than I'd anticipated, but I'd make the following observations:

1. The Gloucestershire police tell me that they will not be investigating the theft.

2. My bike must have been moved from Cheltenham pretty quickly to the anonymity of London.

3. The orginal thief will remain undiscovered and doubtless continue to steal bikes from my neighbourhood.

4. A google search on bike crime suggests that most thefts go unreported to the police which therefore understates the level of bike related criminal activity, and therefore discourages police investigations.

5. A CCTV film from a neighbour was forwarded to the police who told me that one of three people caught on camera was "known to them" but they said nothing about following this up.

6. Take a photo of your bike (and other valuables) and mark it with something distinguishing to aid identifying it later or back up an insurance claim. Keep your purchase receipt until you sell the bike.