Campaigning as a charity

A place to discuss the issues relating to the proposed change in the national CTC’s structure.
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Re: Campaigning as a charity

Postby Vorpal » 2 Apr 2011, 8:15am

gaz wrote:That left the matter of motion 10.

10 Proposed by B. Flood on behalf of the Council, seconded by A. Spurr. This AGM agrees that the revised Memorandum and Articles of Association as circulated with the Notice of the Annual General Meeting in the April/May issue of Cycle magazine be adopted as the new Articles of Association of the Club in
substitution for and to the exclusion of all existing Articles of Association.

The current Memorandum and Articles of Association of Cyclists’ Touring Club do not fully meet the requirements of a charity. Although motion 8 is passed the M&A need some revision to achieve charity registration. In addition the current M&A require amendment to fall in line with the 2006 Companies Act. The Council’s legal advisors have therefore been through the documents and identified the minimum changes needed to satisfy company and charity law while retaining all elements included by previous CTC AGMs.

This motion required a 75% majority of those voting to be passed. It did not receive the required majority. Hence whilst the members wish to convert to a Charity and Council have been instructed to register CTC as a charity it cannot be done with the current Mem & Arts.

The "Yes" camp need to propose motion 10 again (or something similar) at an AGM or EGM and obtain at least a 75% majority from those voting. Until that is done the CTC cannot become a charity.

Hence the debate goes on.

What happens if it fails again to pass at the May AGM?
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Re: Campaigning as a charity

Postby meic » 2 Apr 2011, 10:40pm

On page 10 of the latest cycle magazine it says in a bold print headline

Charity vote: your final answer

So I guess that means that if they dont get the 75% that they need they will drop the whole idea. :wink:
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