Ritte Ace, Large (565mm top tube) w full Ultegra for just £1050

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Ritte Ace, Large (565mm top tube) w full Ultegra for just £1050

Postby velocipede65 » 16 Apr 2018, 3:07pm

Full carbon, super light. Size Large (565mm top tube), set up for me at around 5'10" - suit 5'9" up to about 6'

- Full Ultegra 6800 11 speed groupset - Except 105 11-28 cassette

- Cranks are 172.5mm, compact 34-50

- Selcof Omikron 35mm bars/stem (very comfortable setup)

- Almost new (50 miles) Fulcrum Racing Sport wheel set

- Schwalbe One 25mm tyres

- When I fitted the new wheels, I also fitted new SwissStop green pads (the best you can get in my opinion)

- New gear cables fitted last week (unridden since)

- Saddles are a personal choice - I’ve moved over to MTB saddles on all my bikes due to comfort issues (recent bout of Prostatitis has meant a lot of messing about with saddles!!) - this has a pretty new Fizik Gobi fitted. Happy to reduce the price a bit and let it go saddle-less if this helps you.

- Pedals are not included

This bike is fantastic. Great reviews.E.g. http://www.cyclingweekly.com/reviews/ro ... /ritte-ace

One great feature is the fact that it will easily run 28mm tyres (In fact, I have succesfully run it with 30mm Vittoria G+ tyres) so great for training/racing on rough roads

The frame has a few marks and scratches, inc a particularly ugly one on the top tube (see photo below) – it’s only in the paint though and the carbon underneath is undamaged. The carbon is smooth and undamaged - it's only the paint that's chipped. I had a quote of £70 to colour match/overspray the chips and can provide info on where to go to get this done if you want to - I was too busy riding it to worry about it! Few light scratches to the stays where it’s been leaned on my other bikes.

Frame retails at £2,000…….

I’ll let the whole thing go for £1050 because of the scratches…..you’re getting a bargain here……I'm in Cheshire for collection or happy to post

Pics below……inc a photo of the chips on the top tube