TANDEM Dawes Discovery 20/18" £250

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TANDEM Dawes Discovery 20/18" £250

Postby printedland » 13 Jun 2019, 1:54pm

Touring tandem - Dawes Discovery Twin. Front 20" (centre to top) - suit pilot 5'9" to 6'1". Rear 18" (centre-top) - suit stoker up to 5'7" I guess. Had my kids on the back from age 6 up to about age 12.

Wheels: Etreo shining rims (bomb-proof!) on Shimano generic hubs. Schwalbe Marathon tyres.

Drivetrain: Truativ 28/38/48 to Acera 8spd cassette. Shimano rapidfire combined shifters/brake levers

Brakes: Tektro v-brake. Hubs are shaped for disc brakes if required.

Front handlebars butterfly type on adjustable stem. Rear are straight bars.

2 bottle cages

Used for a few decent cycle tours, but in very good condition. Only flaw is a small hole in the fork where a lowrider bolt punched through the aluminium wall (see picture below). I have ridden with this for years with no apparent effect, but hence the low price (in case new owner wants to replace forks)


Based in West Cumbria. Happy to transport across the county to the M6 if that helps.

Tandem 3.jpg
Tandem 4.jpg
Tandem 6.jpg
Tandem 8.jpg
Tandem 9.jpg