Electric Tricycle

For sale of complete bikes, trikes, recumbents ( minor missing components acceptable. e.g. no saddle, no pedals ). Please do NOT post bike bits here. They will be deleted.
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Electric Tricycle

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Jorvik JET-E 20 Elite Low Step Through Electric Folding Tricycle. Green

Less than 5Km done after taking delivery and assembling in March-April 2021. Kept in a dry garage. No damage. All components including charger and 2 keys present and Dutch style Wicker Basket for handle bar carrier included. Specifications, prices and delivery dates (currently £1999.99 without the basket and September if you order one now) are on the Jorvik website. It features 37miles pedal assist range.
Selling because it is no longer needed. Buyer collects. Northumberland
Advertised elsewhere, so may remove at any time.
Please contact through email.
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Re: Electric Tricycle

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